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A book (a reprint of Havelock Ellis's " The Criminal") issued by Scribner and Welford examined criminals scientifically.
It was an attempt to present a critical summary of the results of science, called criminal anthropology. It gives a mass
of significant facts drawn from a great variety of resources, of the physical, mental and moral peculiarities of criminals.
Criminals are divided in several classes, such as political criminals, criminals by passion, or those who became
such in resenting grievous injuries in temporary fits of anger, insane criminals, the instinctive criminal, the occasional criminal, and professional criminal.
Secondly, scientists long ago declared that criminals were not normal beings. This has been generally understood,
but it has at the same time,  been generally misunderstood, inasmuch as the average person has believed that the
difference that makes criminals abnormal is solely a mental difference.
Read the following newspaper reports.

The Sunday Herald, Sunday, June 15, 1890


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