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This is a guide to luxury hotels, cheap hotels, apartments and self-catering apartments in New York.

New York
Tourism is a major local industry, with hundreds of attractions and 39 million tourists visiting the city each year on average. Many visitors make it a point to
visit Ground Zero, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Wall Street, United Nations Head-quarters, the American Museum of Natural History, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Fifth Avenue, and the Brooklyn Bridge, among other attractions. There are
over 28,000 acres (113 km²) of parkland found throughout New York City, comprising over 1,700 separate parks and playgrounds. The best known of these
is Central Park, which is one of the finest examples of landscape architecture in the world, as well as a major source of recreation for New Yorkers and
tourists alike. Other major parks in the city include Riverside Park, Battery Park, Bryant Park, Prospect Park, Flushing Meadow-Corona Park, Washington
Square Park, and Forest Park.....Read more here.

Lombardy Hotel

Lobby of New York's Lombardy Hotel. Photo: Mattatwald.

First Class New York Hotels

First class quality and perfect range amenities are what New York Hotels are famous for. It is believed that the traveler is guaranteed the best. From scrumptious on-site restaurants to healthy on-site fitness centers, such features will quite obviously attract the common traveler. But the real and special
deal is the quality of the hotel. A wise traveler will never settle for less. New York Hotels believe that each and every guest is worth premium attention and
care. Friendly concierges and 24 hour assistance is always offered. But the best thing a Big Apple traveler can do is consult concise guides of first class
New York Hotels like the one given below.

Comfort and top-notch individual attention is offered at the Four Seasons Hotel. If you want to know what it is like to ascent in a modern form of heaven in
New York City then this hotel is the place just for you. With its towering lobby from a few feet away from 57th Street, this hotel comprises of polished blond wood that oozes elegance and style all over. The altar is the best and most imposing concierge desk in America. Very typical of the revered beauty of Four Seasons Hotel, everything in this hotel is of monumental size. Ten foot high ceilings with silk covered walls give the hotel a look of grand style and opulence. Spacious and cozy rooms along with the most confident and guest friendly concierge promises the perfect vacation for a guest in New York City.

Hotel on Rivington is located in the lower East Side of New York City. Original and breathtaking in view, this hotel offers you an experience of a lifetime.
Just press a single button on the remote control and the Belgian curtains will reveal the skyline of New York's horizon right in the comfort of your room.
Marble stoned spacious bathrooms with glass walls may be a tad daunting for the shy guest but private curtains can be requested. A small VIP bar
opened next door means you are in for some special entertainment. The super-hip location of this hotel provides the undying vibe of New York City.
Internet and Wi-Fi is accessible to all guests within the hotel.

Inn at Irving Place is located in Gramercy. Classified as one of the most comforting and warm New York Hotels, this hotel is famous for reliving the
fantasies of New York City. Surrounded by genteel brick houses and Tiffany lamps, this hotel is certain to give the vintage beauty that New York once
had. Ornamental fireplaces and four poster beds can prove to be quite the romantic experience for traveling love birds. Embroidered linens and wood
shutters along with glossy and shinny cherry-wood floors give the entire hotel its well-deserved high-class look. Excellent breakfast and tea services
are provided upon waking early. The best idea for a stay at the Inn at Irving Place is for spending a warm romantic getaway on your anniversary.

Ritz-Carlton New York is a hotel located in Tribeca in New York City. It is the top choice for those who intend on spending their vacation in the lower side
of the Big Apple. It is a classic Ritz experience famous all over the world. Every guest is greeted at least once by a different staffer upon every entrance
in the lobby. The spacious rooms boast of looming and sweeping views of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Several rooms are even provided teles-
copes. Fortunately the rooms are diverged from the fussy and often suffocating décor that Ritz usually has to offer. An interesting and amusing feature
by the butler service is providing you fun baths by offering everything from rubber ducks for your little ones to rose petals for you. Internet along with
parking space is provided to guests. On-site restaurants will satiate the appetite of every guest.

The principle joy offered by the Bowery Hotel is its relaxing lounging services. You kick your shoes off and take a sip of your favorite drink while socializing
with equally amusing people in the hotel. It is an English hunting lodge located in Manhattan. With floor to ceiling tapestries and chandeliers, this hotel
vows to give you a royal experience. The big console desks and windows offer grand beauty. Adorned by dark wood and leather chairs, every traveler can
feel the vintage warmth that is unparalleled offered by the hotel.

Top notch New York hotels also offer other various amenities that range from taste to taste and traveler to traveler. Find some great quality, luxury, and