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A country in southwestern Europe. France is bounded on the north
west by the English Channel and the Strait of Dover; on the northeast
by Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany; on the east by Germany, Switzerland and Italy; on the south by the Mediterranean Sea and
Spain; and on the west by the Bay of Biscay, an arm of the Atlantic Ocean.
An Approach To French Art
France has been among the main pioneers in many artistic expression
forms throughout the country's history. France and art are both strongly
attached to each other and it would not be possible to think of
world art without thinking of France or think or Frances main characte-ristics without thinking of art. French art has had a very important influence not only in the French culture but also in the rest of the world.
The importance of art in France can be easily reflected through the
great amount of museums and art exhibitions spread throughout the country. This great list would include, among the main ones,the Musee du Louvre, one of the greatest museums of the world. Also in this list
we can find the Musee National du Moyen Age exhibiting a collection
of medieval art works, and the Centre Pompidou, exhibiting art from
the XX century.
Also among the most important museums and exhibition spots, there
is the Musee d'Orsay, where visitors can observe a collection of French art from the XIX century, and the Musee Picasso, exhibiting amazing art works from this outstanding artist. The Musee Rodin is another great place to visit in order to enjoy French art and observe some amazing sculptures from this artist.

 Images: A French waiter in Mont Martre

The Petit Palais and the Grand Palais are two places within France which change expositions and always show something interesting to observe. The Musee Carnavalet exhibits art works and provides information related to Paris in the XVII century.
The list of French Museums and exhibition spots could go on for many paragraphs more, and is one
of the most amazing lists of its kind which could be created.
The relation between France and art can be traced back to as long ago as the Paleolithic age. Many
art works dating from such  period of time were found within this country providing unique information
and discoveries to the culture and art of the world. In France, each different age and period of time was strongly attached to art and had its typical art expression forms and characteristics which would have
an important bond with each stage of the French history andculture.

Bordeaux is both a city and the center of the wine region in France.As a city, Bordeaux
is surprisingly bereft of things to see.One can find unique statutes, fountains and the like,
but there isn't really a particular location to mark of on your, "I saw that" list. The city is, however, a good place to relax, drink and eat. For relaxation, you can put around this low key town and take in food at the outdoor cafes in the Place de la Comedie. The specialty food of the region are canel-las, which are very good. If you're with the wine and cheese crowd, Bordeaux is going to seem much more exciting. The surrounding region produces wine by the mega cask loads and you can visit locations such as Chateau Mouton-Rothschild to smell and taste the grapes.

St. Tropez
St. Tropez has gone through roughly three stages in its history. Originally, the town was a little fishing village no different
than others dotting the coast of France. At some point, however, it became the place to be for artist who had given up on Paris.
No less than the painters Matisse, Signac and Seurat lived and worked in the town. Fortunately or unfortunately, those
times have passed. While artist still populate the town, St. Tropez is now the hangout of celebrities and the wealthy.
While still a beautiful location, the over the top glitz of St. Tropez is a bit much. By: Rick Chapo

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France Cities
Great French Personalities
Charlemagne ( Charles the Great ) 742 - 814
Ruled over Gaul, western Germany and most of Italy
St. Louis IX 1226 - 1270
Medieval French king
Claude Monet 1840 - 1926
A French impressionist painter
Napoleon Bonaparte  1769 - 1821
Emperor of France
Charles De Gaulle 1890 -
Statesman who became the first President of the 5th
French Republic.
France's 8 largest Cities