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An island region off the east African coast.To be precise east of  the Tanzania mainland. Zanzibar consists of a group of
coral islands in the Indian Ocean. Pemba and Unguja are the largest of these islands. The capital city Stone Town is situated on the western shore of Unguja also called Zanzibar.
The word "Zanzibar" is said to be of Persian or Arabic origin. The name is derived from Zangh Bar, which in Persian
means "the Negro Coast." The Arabs, on the other hand believe the name originated  from  Zayn Z'al Barr, meaning "Fair
is this land"

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Zanzibar is surrounded by beautiful islands. Unguja,Pemba, Tumbatu and Mafia are Zanzibar's main islands.
Some of the other surrounding islands and islets:Changuu, Chumbe, Snake Island (Nyoka), Bawe, Chapwani, Kibandiko,
Kizingo, Kwale, Latham, Makutani, Miwi, Mnemba, Nianembe, Popo, Ukanga, Uzi, Pungume, Tumbatu
People of Zanzibar
The majority of Zanzibaris are of native origin.Natives include the  Wahadimu, Wapemba, Watumbatu, Wadiba, Hadimu
and Tumbato.
The minority groups:
Arabs, Asians, Comorians and Europeans
About 90% of Zanzibaris are Moslems. Islam was brought to this region in the 7th century.The remaining 10% are made up of Christians and Hindus.
The official languages are Kiswahili and English.