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A country in central Europe.The name is Schweiz in German, La Suisse in French and Svizzera in Italian.The country
bounded on the north by Germany,on the east by Austria and Liechtenstein,on the south by Italy and on the southwest,
and north west by France is noted for it's lofty mountain ranges, enormous glaciers, magnificant lakes and valleys.
Switzerland is home to about 7 000 000 inhabitants. It's a small but outstanding developed country.
Zurich is the largest city ( 342, 850) followed by Geneva (178, 500), then Basel ( 164, 800), Bern, the capital ( 122, 300),
Lausanne ( 116, 800).
Switzerland is a confederation of 22 cantons, three of which are divided into half cantons or administrative parts.
Official languages
The official languages are German spoken in 19 of the 25 cantons; French spoken in 5; Italian in the canton of Ticino;
and Romansch spoken by people in Grison.
Ski slopes of the Alps
It's said there are 125 ski resorts to choose from and more than 100 ski schools.Snow conditions for skiiing are
Crans Montana
Crans Montana is one of the top ski destinations in Europe. Every winter thousands of skiers of all abilities flock to this
Southern Swiss ski resort in the heart of the Valais canton in Switzerland to experience the magic of the European

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Switzerland – Interlaken, Zurich, St. Moritz and Geneva
Switzerland is the land of skiing, chocolate and very private banking. Ah, but there is so much more to experience in
the land of neutrality.

Interlaken gets its highly creative name from sitting on the split of land between
two lakes.
If you’re looking for a little extreme sporting, this is place. You can backpack,
horseback ride, parasail and so on. To really take in the majesty of the alps,
I highly recommend you cough up the money for a go at skydiving. You may have
gone ski diving before, but I guarantee you nothing compares to free falling down
through the mountains of Switzerland. This is how God must feel looking down
at the earth. While God gets the view  for free, you will have to pay…a lot. Still,
the view and experience is something you will never forget.

Zurich is the cleanest city in Switzerland, Europe and maybe the world. There place simply sparkles. Various guide
books challenge readers to find a cigarette butt or piece of trash on the sparkling streets. Personally, I find the clean-
liness of the city a bit of a negative. Stop rolling your eyes. The place is simply so clean that it seems to lack anyreal
character. One keeps getting the feeling you are walking around a Disneyland Park.
The budget traveler should be aware that Zurich is more expensive than even Disneyland.

St. Moritz
If you’re looking for the arrogant rich, over the top luxury and incredibly expensive prices, St. Moritz is for you. Not
really my crowd, so on to the next city…

Added info:
Stretching some 60 miles through Southeast Switzerland from the glitzy resort of St. Moritz, the Engadine -- or Inn
valley -- is perhaps the best place in the Alps for late season hiking.
Apart from the endless hiking possibilities, villages the length of the Engadine also have access to ski areas, some of
which are high enough to stay open year-round. There are cycle routes crossing the flat valley bottom and windsurfing
is popular on the lakes scattered around the upper end of the valley.
In St. Moritz, passengers can take trips down the world-famous milelong Cresta bobsled run, accompanied by a driver
and brakeman.
Or you should take the seven hour trip on the Glacier Express through the Swiss Alps from Zermatt to St.Moritz.

Geneva is not “just another” clean city in Switzerland. Okay, it looks like it at first and
second glance, but the third glance may prove a delight. With cobble stone streets, the
city reminds one of the stereotypical Swiss images in the media. In reality, Geneva has
a bustling underground of live music, art and general fun. Four aspirin and two bottles of
water later, I can certainly attest to it.
The only way to let your hair down in Geneva is to buddy up to a local and follow their
lead. Trust me, you’ll have a blast.
Switzerland often seems a bit too good to be true. Perhaps it truly is a mountain mirage.
Guess you’ll just have to visit to do your own investigation!
Added info: Another option is to put on your walking shoes and get ready to walk the
streets of Switzerland's great cities. Zurich should be on your list.And then there's
Basel which has a very different layout to Zurich.Unlike the latter Basel is far more

Bus Station, Lucerne, Switzerland - Bahnhofplatz, Luzern, Die Schweiz Rooi bus and Images of the Old Town, Basel

Car hire and taxis are available at the airport, but are expensive in Switzerland. Public transport is clean and efficient
and can get you almost anywhere.
Where train tracks run out, post buses take over to more isolated mountain resorts. Swiss rail timetable:www.rail.ch.
Accommodation in the cities is great but expensive.