The Paranormal ( Paranormal Phenomenon/Phenomena)
Why "Paranormal?"
Paranormal means something ( unusual experiences, mysterious occurrences, abilities, sightings, objects, encounters, ..)
that is beyond the range of scientific explanation.
Paranormal Phenomena - Extraterrestrial life
Paranormal Phenomena - Unexplained disappearances.
Paranormal Phenomena - Appearance of the spirits of dead persons
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The Grafenwoher Ghosts

At work
My next experience with ghosts came while I was working at the U.S. Army training center in
Grafenwoher, Germany. The one we had at work was rather benign and would let you know it was time to leave if you
stayed too late. We had a setup in the trainer bay (a large barn like metal structure) with a T1 line from Darpa and silicon
Graphics Indigo II PCs (about $40,000 a piece at the time) and used these to surf the net after work. It was my first
adventure on the net and I didn't know how great I had it. Instantaneous pageloads, downloads in seconds, etc.

Around midnight the atmosphere would change and you would hear someone walking around in the offices, doors
opening and closing. You would go check and every time you were the only living soul in or around the building.
Starting about 1 am you would here the footsteps getting closer and eventually you could hear them walking past the
partitioned area where we had some of the SGI's we used for surfing.
About every ten minutes until you finally left for the night our friend would make his rounds past the cubicle and the
atmosphere and pressure would get worse and worse.

I never mentioned this quirk until one of the other techs asked me if I had dropped by the office the night before around
midnight. I told him no and he then related to me the same things I'd been noticing for months. At that time the other
techs started relating their stories of the same thing happening to them. We all just took it in our stride after that and
when he became too obnoxious we would tell him to chill out and we would be leaving in an hour or so. This seemed
to mollify him for a while but if the hour was up he would start pacing again. It was kind of like "You have all day to be
Now it's my turn!"

Grafenwoher had been used as a POW camp during the First World War and was pasted by the 8th Air Force during
the second.
It had SS and a satellite work camp for Flossenburg there also. Thousands of people have died there over the years so
our friend could have been anybody.

At home

The ghost I had to deal with at home was a bastard of another stripe. My apartment was in one of the little villages
surrounding the military reservation. It was in the original farmhouse of the Landlord's family. I had the attic apartment
where the walls starting about half way up canted in towards the ceiling. It consisted of three large (20'x15') areas.
On one end was the bedroom, on the other was my living room. The center section was divided up between a bathroom
and kitchen, back to back, and a small dining area in front of the door and the stair landing.

The ghost was another winter ghost and I had no inkling of him when I moved in during the summer. As the days grew
shorter and colder I started feeling a presence in one corner of the bedroom. The atmosphere started to change and
soon I was awakened every night with this ghost standing over me radiating hatred like a bonfire. I saw him at first as a
grey-white cloud form, roughly human in shape andconstantly moving and undulating but staying in the same shape
and form. Throughout the winter he progressed to partial and then full body apparition. I was scared shitless every night.

He was a tall, skeletal thin old man, bald with a fringe of close-cropped hair and a hawk nose. The last straw was when
I woke up and the son of a bitch was in bed with me! A split second after recognition I round house punched his head as
hard as I have punched anything in my life. My fist went through his head into the pillow, into the mattress and as it
bounced back I was already on my way out of the bed. I spent the next two years sleeping on the couch in the living room.

Even in the living room I could feel his presence. The atmosphere was bad there but not as bad as the bedroom. The ghost
didn't come out of the bedroom but I could feel him and he started to get into my dreams. They weren't normal dreams
(for me) and were very sick and twisted. The best of them were when I spent all night fighting with an unseen and evil force.
The worst. I don't want to talk about.

Shortly before he showed up the first time a gold cross and necklace that was given to me by one of my Dutch girlfriends
broke one night while I was sleeping. She had had it blessed for protection and had given it to me after I told her about the
problems I had had in my barracks room there (see my post Room 142). I placed it in a Ziploc baggie and was going to
have it repaired but could not find it the next day and didn't find it, even after tearing the apartment apart many times, until
I moved out.
I still wear it to this day. I can still feel when ghosts are around and have the usual vibrating bed and hands on me when I'm
sleeping problems but I have never seen a ghost since.

The one night he did come out of the bedroom was a doozie! I woke up on the couch about 3 am as usual and looked into
the kitchen area.
There was a blindingly bright glowing ruby red ball of light about five feet off the floor in the center of my kitchen. I knew it
was him since I could feel the hatred coming off of it and his familiar presence was stronger by a magnitude or three.
I jumped up in my boxers and started yelling at him at the top of my lungs.  He retreated back into the bedroom and
never came out again until I moved out. I could still feel him and the dreams were horrible but he never once tried that

Every spring it was like a cleansing wind had blown through the apartment and the heavy, ominous atmosphere would
disappear overnight. One of the other problems I had in that apartment was flies. I didn't have many flying around but
everyday I would find 30 or 40 dead ones on the inside windowsill of the only window in the bedroom.

This was, by far, the nastiest ghost I've ever had to deal with.