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Unlucky Wedding days
Prospective brides may be interested to learn that there are thirty two days in the year on which it is unlucky to marry,
according to the authority of a manuscript dated in the 15th century.
These days are January 1,2,4,5,7,10,15;February 6,7,18;March 1,6,8;April 6,11;May 5,6,7;June 7,15;July 5,19;
August 15,19; September 6,7;October 6;November 15,16; and December 15,16 & 17.
Consequently, January is the worst month and October the best month in the year for marriage.

Marriage Superstitions
A bridesmaid who stumbles on the way to the altar will die an old maid.
A wedding on a popular holiday indicates a happy union.
Friday is supposed to be a bad day on which to be married.
Marriages on the last day of the year are considered lucky.
It is unlucky to be married in green.
A storm with thunder and lightning is a bad omen during a wedding ceremony.
It is unlucky for a bride to look into a mirror after she is completely dressed.
Some article must be put on after she has finished admiring herself.   

Wedding Superstitions
When it comes to weddings, everything is superstitious. There was a strong belief that weddings make the couple
particularly vulnerable to evil spirits and bad luck, hence the many superstitions surrounding the event. Some are totally
out of this world, while others may just have been created to keep the peace and order and prevent some naughty grooms
from delaying the preparations. Whichever the case, here are some superstitions:
* It is considered bad luck for the bride to wear the wedding dress before the big day so much so that brides fit their gown
in pieces to this day, never as a whole, and always with incomplete accessories.
* It is considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding gown before she walks down the aisle. Doing so
will result in an unhappy or tragic end to the marriage.
* If candles are lit on your wedding day and they sputter out, it means that there's an evil spirit nearby.
* It is considered a very bad omen for the bridal party to come across a funeral hearse.
* If the groom drops the wedding band, the marriage is doomed.
* Pearls are not jewelry that a bride should wear because it means her marriage will be full of tears and sorrow.
* Throwing rice or confetti increases the couples good luck and fertility.
* Dress the bridesmaids in gowns similar to the bride to confuse evil spirits and keep the unwanted suitors from interrupting
the bride and groom.
You may or may not agree with these superstitions but they're good to know all the same. Good luck and blessings on
your wedding!