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What you should know:
Greece is one of the best vacation spots in Europe. Other than the mainland, there are a
number of islands where there are excellent hotels. All the islands in Greece have a large
choice of hotels, from luxury hotels to moderate ones. Tourists can easily find hotels to fit into every kind of budgets and facilities. Hotels in Greece can be categorized into six groups:
Luxury, A, B, C, D, and E.
A hotel is ranked based on the size of rooms, variety, array of amenities offered and the
services provided by the hotel.
Factors such as cleanliness, friendliness or comfort are not considered in the classification process. D and E class hotels have almost the same price range. In both these classes of
hotels, there is no guarantee that hot water will be available. Food is not available on the hotel premises. The bathroom is shared in all E class hotels, and in some D class ones,
as well.
C class hotels have private bathrooms. Food is available on the hotel premises, and there is hot water, though it may not be available all day long. Luxury, A, and B class hotels have many amenities. They have private bathrooms and provide continuous hot water.
The tourist police of Greece control the rent charges, which is dependant on the class of the hotel. Ideally all hotels are required to post a sign behind the door of each room showing the maximum cost of the room.
Prices are subject to changes and it is recommended that a visitor call for an updated price quote just before the arrival dates. Prices are dependant on seasonal fluctuations and the location of the hotel. In July and August, the rate for rooms is high as
these are the peak tourism months. In April, May, September and October, the tariffs tend to fall. Most hotels provide
transport to and from the hotel.
For travelers planning a long trip, it makes sense to rent a large self-contained space such as an apartment, house, or villa. Apartments are sometimes available within hotels or they can be found from listings, along with houses and villas, in the
local newspapers.