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Indian designer blouses


Designer beautiful blouses come in all kinds of fabrics and styles. Younger girls prefer saree blouse designs that are similar to
the blouses worn in the west and are not quite conservative.

Different fabrics are:

    * Fabric used in Blouse
    * Rubia Cotton Blouse
    * Pure Silk Blouse
    * Pure Crepe Blouse
    * Georgette Blouse
    * Chiffon Blouse
    * Chikan Blouse

Different Necklines are experiments of designers -

Sweetheart necklines - It looks like the bottom of a heart. It is very stylish and trendy

Square neckline - It is one of the oldest styles of neckline. Its neckline forms half of a square at the front and the back or both.
It is very simple style

Spaghetti straps - Goes well with any designer sarees or any other traditional attire. Tiny straps which go over the shoulders or
wrap behind the neck.

Queen Neckline - It gives a very royal look to any attire. A neckline with a higher back and the front is shaped like the bottom of
a heart.

Bateau or Boat - This neckline opens from one inch of each shoulder with only a light curve. It's similar to the Sabrina neck. A variation is the Portrait Neckline.

Strap less/ Tube - A bodice style which has no straps or sleeves. It's also known as a Strap less. It looks likes tube top.

Corset - A bodice style which has no straps or sleeves. Corsets traditionally have boning and lace-up at the back.

Elizabethan Collar/Neckline - It's a high neckline collar. The collar can also be removed. Often flares out and is higher at the
back, sloping gently and becoming narrower to the front.

Halter - It's a V-neck or scoop front neckline with straps which wrap around and connect at the nape of the neck.

Net or Illusion neckline - It's a semi-sheer net-type fabric. Illusion is often used in some veils. It may also be called Net.Any
style neckline which is covered with chiffon or netting. It gives an illusion of neckline rather a full -fledged neckline.

Portrait Neckline - This neckline flares out to form a mini collar effect. It may also be lined in a contrasting fabric.

Jewel Neckline - A high, rounded neckline at about the base of the neck.

Scoop - A curved front neckline, lower than a Jewel Neckline. Its curved back neckline may plunge.

Décolletage - It's a very deep and plunging neckline which reveals a lot of cleavages.