The Paranormal ( Paranormal Phenomenon/Phenomena)
Why "Paranormal?"
Paranormal means something ( unusual experiences, mysterious occurrences, abilities, sightings, objects, encounters, ..)
that is beyond the range of scientific explanation.
Paranormal Phenomena - Unexplained disappearances.
Paranormal Phenomena - Extraterrestrial life
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Several pictures of UFO's. Some of these pictures look credible, others not. They appear faked.

UFO Pictures 1

Image left: Claimed UFO in Hopeh, China
Image right: Said to be the earliest photograph of a UFO. The image is half of a stereo photograph, depicting a cloud
formation over Mount Washington in the state of New Hampshire, with a cigar-shaped object. Photographed in the winter
of 1870, and deposited with the US copyright office in 1871.

Images: Left. Unknown Right.UFO 1963 N/Mexico

Image:Left. Brazil. UFO. Right. Unknown

Images: Left. Real photo taken in Mexico in a lake called Catemaco long time ago thats why the quality is not that good
but the photo is amazing. Fake? Right. Unknown. Fake?

Image: UFO above Meersburg ?

Image: Left. Grainy B&W image of purported UFO, Passoria, New Jersey. Right. This photo was taken in June 1984,
near Rio Claro-SP Brazil. Fake?