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Physical life is described as a journey. And it has a purpose.
Death on the other hand is the departure of that life.
"As far as our human bodies are concerned, death eventually
captures all of us. As far as we can tell, no human being has
yet managed to live forever. On average more than 150,000
people die every day on this planet. That's 2 people per second.
Over a million corpses a week. And this is "normal" for planet
earth. Does this fact help you get some perspective on the
scope of various tragedies? If  3000 people get wiped out in
a single stroke, that's still only 2% of one day's total..."

The actual question now is "what do we really know about
what happens after death?" Is there life after death?? The Bible
is extremely clear on this point. At death the soul leaves the
body - "Then shall the dust return to the earth as it was; and
the spirit shall return unto God who gave it." It shows that there
comes a seperation of the soul from the body at death.
The soul according to many scriptures goes to one of two
places; the soul of the wicket goes to hell. The wicked are
retained in an everlasting prison, Josephus said. The soul of
the righteous goes to paradise ( heaven ).  
Others disagree. Not everyone shares the Bible's point of view.
Different perspectives are being held.
Steve Pavlina feels, " there's the possibility that i can no longer
really do anything with my consciousness after death.
Perhaps I enter some sort of eternal state of existence from which there's no escape. Maybe it's a heaven or a hell of
No more doing... just being. So if I found my consciousness frozen in such a manner, where I was still self-aware but
unable to really do anything other than ponder my celestial navel, there is a reasonable leap of logic I can make there.
And that is that if this happens, I think the most likely state in which my consciousness would freeze would be related
to the general state it's in when I die. So my death would sort of be a continuation of my life, but there would be no
further development of my consciousness. I don't really need to consider the situation where my consciousness is
frozen in some random state that's out of my control,...."

And you. What do you believe??

Gary Simpson  says; "Life after death. There would hardly be a human being who has ever lived that hasn't wondered
about the possibility. Indeed there are many people who believe that they have lived past lives.
Those who have had what are commonly referred to as NDE's (Near Death Experiences) tell all sorts of stories about
being attracted to "white light" and being "beckoned into the afterlife" by long dead relatives and friends.
The ancient Egyptians embalmed Pharaohs and other important people and entombed them in sarcophaguses inside
burial chambers. Along with the corpse were items that it was believed the entombed person would find useful in the
afterlife. Did they know something that we still do not?"