The Paranormal ( Paranormal Phenomenon/Phenomena)
Why "Paranormal?"
Paranormal means something ( unusual experiences, mysterious occurrences, abilities, sightings, objects, encounters, ..)
that is beyond the range of scientific explanation.
Paranormal Phenomena - Extraterrestrial life
Paranormal Phenomena - Unexplained disappearances.
Paranormal Phenomena - Contact with, influence and intervention of the supernatural.
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Adjective: psychic refers to extra sensory perception and forces of a paranormal nature.
Noun: psychic refers to a person who has extra sensory perception or paranormal powers.
The term PSYCHIC - Derived from the Greek word psychiokos or psyche which means soul or that which is mental,
the word psychic is generally associated with fortune tellers and was first used by renowned chemist William Crookes
to describe Spiritualist medium Daniel Dunglas Home (1833-1886).
Psychic is a word used to describe an occurrence, ability, or event that is sensed without the use of the five known human
senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. People who are said to possess psychic abilities are referred to as

Image 1: The Portrait of Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus), a French Renaissance Medicine and Astrologer,
painted by his son César de Nostredame (1553-1630?) about 1614 A.D.
Image 2: Nostradamus's tombstone in the Collegiale St-Laurent at Salon-de-Provence

Phychics put it this way:
*So, what exactly does being psychic mean, what are psychic abilities?
To me being psychic means being able to tap into your inner power, to be able to tap into the universal source which runs
through us all.
*Psychic is an umbrella term used to describe a person with paranormalabilities.
*Psychic ability is simply the ability to communicate with weaves of energy that are above the ‘normal’ level of physical
reality. Reading future events, past events, spiritual knowledge and channeling the ‘dead’ are symptoms of connecting to
specific weaves of energy. The term ‘psychic’ has become an umbrella term to encompass many skills and abilities
that are considered paranormal or metaphysical. To expand on this all of these skills can really be classed under
*Psychics have extraordinary mental powers. They have a sixth sense or ESP (extra sensory perception) that enables
them to look into the lives of people and predict future events. Derived from the Greek word psychiokos or psyche, which
means soul or that which is mental....
*Literally, the word psychic is connected to ESP, or extrasensory perception.

Types of Psychics
People with psychic abilities can see something that is not in their presence, while others can get a feeling or impression
of something that cannot be seen literally. Psychics can be clairvoyants, palm readers or mediums. Psychics called
mediums can communicate with people who have passed on in death. They are in fact the contact or establish contact
between a family member or friend and the person who is believed to be in the spirit world.

Mediums may have a number of skills, though most have specialties. Most mediums work by seeing pictures in their mind.
This image allows them to describe a person in spirit and is known as clairvoyance or “clear seeing.” Mediums use their
psychic vision, either within the mind or objectively, as if the spirit were present in person. Clairaudience or clear hearing,
where the medium hears the spirit either subjectively or objectively, is also popular amongst mediums. Spirit communicators
are able to send feelings, known as clairsentience, to the medium. This is particularly useful if they are trying to indicate
what ailment caused them to pass over. They may for example, send a mild pain to the heart of the medium. The medium
would then be able to tell the client how their loved one died.

There are many different kinds and levels of psychic ability. Some of these forms include clairvoyance, channeling,  Intuitive,
clairaudience, clairsentience, divination, ESP , hiero, precognition, prophesy , psychometry, psychokinesis, remote viewing ,
telepathy, trans-medium channeling and many more. There are even psychics who can communicate with animals.
A clairsentient also called an empathic feels a message. Someone who is clairsentient can sense feelings and emotions
in people, places, or things and something that could be in the past, present, or future through a sense of feeling.
Clairvoyance or extrasensory perception. Someone who is clairvoyant can have knowledge or a sense of something without
the five senses. Someone who has precognition will know something that will happen in the future.
A clairaudient hears a message. Some psychics use clairaudience, hearing or perceiving sounds which are not normally

There are people who possess the ability to move objects with their minds, and this ability is called psychokinetic power.
Maybe they can throw a ball without touching it or flip a light switch from across the room: this is a psychokinetic psychic.
Another kind of physical intuition or ESP is a medical intuitive; the medical intuitive can tell what parts of the body are in
distress and focuses on medical issues in people.
Tools used by psychics include crystals, runes, tarot cards and pendulums.

In general psychics can interpret problems in a person's life and offer solutions involving health, wealth, relationships, love
and career by connecting or becoming a medium between the person and a higher power. They can interpret dreams,
understand inner disturbances and even heal. There have been instances where the police department has used psychics
to find someone or to solve a crime.

Famous Psychics
Probably one of the most famous psychics of all time is also one of the oldest. Nostradamus was born on December 14,
1503, in St. Remy de Provence. Nostradamus was a psychic who used science to develop his visions. Many people called
him the prophet of doom because many of the things that he saw dealt with death and war. His followers claim that he
predicted the rise of Adolph Hitler. They say he also foresaw the French Revolution, the great fire of London, and the tragic
destruction of the space shuttle Discovery. A few of his visions involve the coming of the antichrist. He died in 1556.
*Jean Dixon
She predicted President John F. Kennedy would be assassinated. She was an advisor to many famous celebreties
including Ronald and Nancy Reagan. She died on January 25, 1997.
*Elizabeth Baron
She is one of the most respected psychics in the world.
*John Edward
Probably the most famous psychic today is John Edward who is the star of the amazingly popular show seen on the
Sci Fi channel, "Crossing Over With John Edward."
*Sylvia Browne
Her philosophy involves researching into people's past lives through hypnosis. She also obtains much information through
what is known as her channeling ability. She has established reincarnation as the key to understanding life.
She is probably one of the most controversial psychics of the modern era.
*Helen Duncan
She was born in Scotland in 1898. Her greatest period of popularity was during the 1930's and 1940's when the was most
in demand as a psychic.
In 1956, the police raided one of Helen's séances in Nottingham. They claimed to be searching for props and interrupted
a séance right in the middle. Supposedly this interruption caused a great shock to Duncan by having the ectoplasm return
to her body too quickly. She died five weeks after the raid.
*James Van Praagh
He is a psychic who has been able to bridge the gap between the living and the dead. He claims to feel the emotions and
personalities of the deceased. Van Praagh is a clairvoyant and an expert on the subject.
*Rose Ann Schwab
She is one of the most highly respected and highly intuitive individuals in America. Born and raised in Iowa, she moved to
Minnesota in 1992. She is a clairvoyant psychic, healer, spiritual teacher, author, artist and visionary.
*Daniel Douglas Home
He was one of the most amazing physical mediums of the nineteenth century. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Daniel and his
family moved to America in 1842. In 1852, Home first began to levitate, a phenomena he later became renowned for. In 1855,
he returned to England. He died of tuberculosis in June 1886.
*Nicolaas Pieter Johannes "Siener" ( Seer ) van Rensburg
(August 30, 1862 - March 11, 1926). A Boer from the South African Republic who predicted the death of Koos de la Rey
(15 September 1914), a general in the Second Boer War. He, like Nostradamus, predicted future events in riddles or rhymes.