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”We may not have oil, uranium or other coveted natural resources, but we have the 'Jewish brain' and our joint, strong commitment to Israel - and
these have brought us quite far over the last 60 years in terms of education, technology and economics.” Former IDF Chief of Staff, Moshe Ya'alon

 Hino de Israel Hatikva-The National
Anthem of Israel
Hatikva (Ha Tikva - The Hope)
Kol od baleivav p'nima
Nefesh Y'hudi homiya
Ul'fa-atey mizrach kadima
Ayin L'Tziyon tzofiya
Od lo avda tikvateynu
Hatikva bat sh'not alpayim
Lih'yot am chofshi b'artzenu
Eretz Tziyon v'yirushalayim.

As long as deep in the heart,
The Jewish soul still yearns,
And towards the east
An eye to Zion looks,
Our hope is not lost,
Our hope of two thousand years,
To be a free people in our own land
In the land of Zion and Jerusalem.

Jewish Holidays

Festival of Sukkot (Sukkos)
Sukkot Infographic. All you need to
know about the festival.

The Temple Institute
The Temple Institute's ultimate goal is
to see Israel rebuild the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem,
in accord with the Biblical commandments.
They need your support. For more info.

Israel and Zionism
Helping Zionism and Zionism on the Web
Zionism is the belief in a Jewish homeland for the Jewish people, in Israel. Zionism is the
Jewish people's instantiation of the human right of self determination. No more, no less.
Israel and Zionism What Israel and Zionism mean to Jews