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This the story of strongman George Levasseur as it appeared in Deseret Evening News, November 10, 1900.

The latest addition to the list of professional Samsons is a New Englander named George Levasseur. Though still a young
man, he has already distinguised himself by extraodinary displays of mascularity. He has given exhibitions in many states
and a short time ago issued a general challenge for the championship of the world. He wishes to meet Sandow, Roeber and
Rech Olson. Levasseur does not perform as many tricks as Sandow, but seems to excel them in simple brute Strength.
Among his many feats is that of lifting 15 men at once of a trestle, using his back as the moving power. He can also throw a
barrel of flour over a six foot fence and lift a barrel of sugar to his shoulder and run with it a quarter of a mile. In dead lifting he
can raise more than one ton. Physicians who have examined him say that he is only at the beginning of his career, and that
with proper and regular proctice he will surpass all the existing records.