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Indian Fashion - Styles and Trends


Indian fashion is as diverse as the culture and tradition of the country. The fashion industry is constantly changing in fashion
styles and trends. Fashion is an age old concept in India and with the changing generations many styles and trends have
come up and disappear. The most important thing about fashion trends in India is that even though trends and styles
disappear with time but they don't get extinct. The old traditional styles and trends in fashion disappear for one generation
and flourishes again after few generations.

Indian Fashion was earlier restricted to various styles of sari and suits. The mid century witnessed some kind of variations in
fashion styles. The present generation is characterized by trendy indo-western styles that are the right mix of modernity and
tradition. This style comprises of a short top with low waist jeans that shows off tummies and belly buttons.

No matter how many styles and trends come into limelight but Indian sari never lose their grace, beauty and elegance. Indian
women wearing a sari look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous. This beautiful fashion attire has seen ages in India and is
still emerging in fashion trends of the country. Sari is simple attire that consists of a single, rectangular piece of material that
constantly changes in looks, styles, designs and fabrics from generation to generation. Indian saris come in a range of fabrics
starting from cotton to silk, georgettes to crape and many more. These saris are adorned with various embellishments like
mirror work, zari, embroidery, zardosi, sequence, patch work, pearl work, kundan and many more. The most popular Indian
saris are Benarasi, Kanjeevaram, Bandhej, chanderi, chikan, hakoba, handloom, baluchari, patola, phulkari and parsi sarees.

Another most popular and widespread Indian attire is Salwar Kameez. This fashion leads the Indian industry today and women
wearing these attires look elegant and graceful. The history of salwar kameez is traced years back to the city of Punjab and
Kashmir but in the later years the trend transcend to all other parts of the country.

Unique, original and incomparable Indian designer suits are available in a combination of colors, patterns, designs and artworks.
Some of the most popular forms of salwar kameez are chikan, zardosi, bandhej, batik and hand prints. These attires range from
casual wear salwar kammez to trendy Indo western styles to suit women of all ethnicities and age groups.

Not only women but men are also an integral part of the fashion industry. Earlier men's fashion was believed to be everlasting
with some permanent and classic styles but the current fashion scenario has changed. Now, various designs and prints like
batik, block print and tie & dye have been introduced to jazz up the look of a man.

India, a country rich in heritage and culture is believed to have diversity and authenticity in its fashion styles and trends.
Indian fashion industry is constantly making its way to the peak and is soon to become the largest industry in the international
fashion arena.