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Symptoms Are Just the Tip of The Iceberg
We grow up believing that when we are not unwell, we are healthy. However, in reality there is a large gap between
optimal health and vitality and ill-health.
In fact, most disease processes take 10-20 years to develop. Symptoms are merely one of the final stages of the
disease process. If you already have the symptoms, the body's fundamental metabolic control systems have been
out of balance for some time and are now demanding attention.
It is true that there is place for every type of healing. However, in some instances people taking medications are just
masking their symptoms. Therefore, the disease is still there, but the symptoms are just being masked by the medi-
cation. That is why some call the current medical establishment a ‘disease management’ service, not a health service.
Now, I am not suggesting for one second that you stop taking any medications you may be using. You should only
ever alter your medication dosage in consultation with your Doctor.
I’m not sure if you are aware, but Doctors don’t cover health in their syllabus. The majority of a Doctor’s studying
includes pathology (illness and disease) and pharmacology (drugs). Many Doctor’s receive no more than 4 hours of
training on nutrition during a 5 year degree.
Now let me put it this way. If you were rowing a boat and it sprung a leak, would you try to plug the hole or just tip the
water out as it fills the boat? Well building health is like plugging the hole. Treating symptoms is like tipping the water
Therefore, you need to be very aware of your own body. If you have symptoms, it is a warning sign to you that your
bodily systems are out of balance and need attention. You need to consistently be building and maintaining health
to avoid and even reverse illness and disease.
Symptoms are just the tip of the health iceberg.
• The absence of symptoms doesn't reflect true health
• Symptoms are the consequence of a long series of events (lifestyle choices)
• Symptoms are the last phase to develop
• You can't judge true health by looking at symptoms
• Symptoms are the last phase to develop and the first phase to improve during the
regression of a disease.
Therefore, it is important that once symptoms subside, you continue to move further towards optimal health and vitality.
If you don’t continue to improve health, you are skating on very thin ice with your health.
There are five stages in the progression of disease:
1. Excretions:
• Phlegm, dandruff, skin conditions
• Not painful
• symptoms may come and go
2. Inflammation:
• Burns nerve endings and causes pain
• Usually self-treated with anti-inflammatory medications (covers up pain/problem)
3. Deposits:
• Cellulite, cysts, tags etc.
• Compensation systems are failing and body is depositing things it can't get rid of so as not
to compromise cell function
• Patients may have them removed
4. Impregnation:
• The enzyme pathways of the cells are being interfered with and energy pathways are being
5. Cell Degeneration:
• Organs may now need to be removed
6. Neoplasm:
• Cancer, the body is in the process of being recycled.
To achieve optimal health, energy and vitality, you need to consistently use the Foundation of Health Principles to
build health from the ground up. The Foundation of Health principles are:
• Positive Thoughts
• Breathing correctly
• Proper hydration
• Eating right for your metabolic type
• Exercising right
• Drink plenty of good water
• Get plenty of good quality sleep.
Only through consistent healthy lifestyle habits will you achieve your true potential in life.
I you wish you well in your quest to build amazing health using the Foundation Principles. Building health will also
reduce your chances of illness and you will feel great all the time.
© Leigh Brandon

Leigh is a holistic health practitioner who helps people to achieve their ideal weight, rehabilitate injuries and condition
for sports in his BodyCHEK Clinic in London. He also runs the amazing “Take Control” Get Healthy Programme.