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Digestion begins once food is broken down by the teeth, tongue and saliva and passes through the esophagus to
the stomach. Once food enters the stomach the break down continues. Slight amounts of chemical processes
occur while food is being broken down in the stomach, most pertaining to protein, by the enzymes in the stomach.
Once food has been broken down in the stomach it passes to the small intestine where further breakdown occurs
by specialized enzymes and helpful bacteria. In the small intestine the useful particles are then absorbed into the
bloodstream where they are used by the body, while the remaining elements are ultimately expelled as waste.

Key elements to keep your intestines clean and healthy
Colon cleansing
A balanced diet, regular exercises and enough sleep/rest can be helpful to keep intestines healthy. It is well known
fact that the topical treatment, in some cases, may work wonderfully as compared to general treatment and hence,
intestines, if treated locally can be effective in treating any kind of intestinal problems.
Colon cleansing is one of the most effective treatments for any colon diseases including colon cancer. One can
perform colon cleansing in many ways depending upon the disease. Simply taking enough fiber or roughage will be
very helpful in eliminating the fats and other unwanted deposits from the intestines. This is because fiber or roughage
can bind the fats and those materials with it and then expel it out with feces cleansing the colon. Drinking enough
water is also very useful in treating various diseases since water is a natural flusher that can flush out toxins and
other harmful materials from the intestines and can make intestines clean and rejuvenated.
The toxins removed by some herbs and medical procedure are the main culprit for any suspected growth in intestines
such as colon cancer. Some of the ancient folk medicinal practitioners have described that cleaning the colon can not
only make digestion powerful but it can also help eliminating various diseases those are stubborn and incurable.
Eating dark green leafy vegetables, fresh fruit juices, soups, herbs such as Terminaila, Indian gooseberry, Eclipta,
Coriander, Garlic, Ginger can tone up the intestines and also help cleansing them. In ancient science like Ayurveda
and Chinese medicinal system, colon cleansing has been achieved by inserting various medicated material into the
intestines through anus called as an enema. Enema material may contain various herbal decoctions, oils, extracts
and many other medicated materials. All its ingredients carry natural colon-cleansing properties. They tone up the
intestines and make them strong enough to withstand against various attacks of microorganisms and other foreign

More about Vitamins and Minerals in your diet
A balanced diet should be composed of a variety of raw vegetables. Emphasizing the fact that the vegetables should
be organic or the best of what is available. A variety of vegetables assure the proper enzymes, vitamins and minerals.
Juices are the best way to reach the full amount of enzymes, vitamins and minerals for the body’s daily uses.
Enzymes are the key elements of nourishment to the body. The enzymes enable the body to digest food and absorb
it into the blood. For example, some enzymes break down the protein, carbohydrate and fat molecules of foods into
smaller molecules; others assist in passing these molecules from the intestines to the bloodstream and yet, there are
others using the molecules to build structures of cellular constituents. The enzymes are in the seeds, the sprouting
part of the plant.
Replenishment is the law of life; if we do not eat we die. Eating the wrong foods and not replenishing enzymes, vitamins
and minerals shorten life and one could suffer along the way. There are some diseases, such as albinism, lack of normal
pigmentation in the skin and hair of a person, animal or coloration of a plant, result from an enzyme deficiency.
It is necessary to use a trustworthy supplement to replenish enzymes and nutrients.
Without knowing how fresh-raw vegetables and fruit juices work in the body, one would think why not eat the vegetables
and fruits instead of juicing. Solid foods require digesting and with juices, the body will not need to digest. Nourishment
gets to the cells and body tissues quickly.
Juicing vegetables and fruits gives the body an avenue to digest and assimilate nutritional enzymes. The digestive
system uses little energy because juice requires minimum digestion, saving energy. After a large meal, the body
slows down, because the energy is used to process the meal.
Raw vegetable juices are necessary as a supplement to every diet. A raw food regiment without sufficient quantity
and variety can be equally deficient as cooked foods. A fresh raw variety of organic vegetables supply the body with
amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes, and vitamins. The quality of vegetables has a bearing on the results.

More about fiber in your diet
In addition to its beneficial role in disease prevention and healthy weight management, fiber also helps support the
body’s natural cleansing and detoxification processes. Many experts recommend eating between 25 to 35 grams or
even more of fiber each day to maintain your health, so it is important to understand the two specific types of fiber
and how they work.
Both soluble fiber and insoluble fiber help purge unwanted toxins from the body. Soluble fiber (found in fruit, beans,
oats, legumes and nuts) dissolves in water and leaves the digestive tract slowly. As it moves through the intestines
it works like a sponge, soaking up toxins and capturing them in order to prevent their reabsorption into the bloodstream.
Insoluble fiber (found in wheat bran, dried beans, whole grains and seeds) is not water-soluble; it passes through the
digestive tract virtually intact. During its journey through the intestines it helps to “sweep” the colon free of debris by
removing toxins from the intestinal wall. It also tones the bowel muscles by creating resistance and giving them
something to push against, thus promoting peristalsis (the wave-like motions that move food through your intestines).
Peristalsis is necessary for healthy elimination, and healthy elimination is an important step in ridding toxins from the
body. But just how do those toxins enter in the first place?
The buildup of toxins in your body is the result of both external and internal toxins. External toxins such as pesticides
and pollutants come from our surrounding environment. They seep into the earth, water and air and can cause severe
health problems. Internal toxins, however, come from within. They are the waste products that result from everyday
physiological processes such as energy production and digestion. Since many people do not digest protein, starches
and fats efficiently, they overproduce internal toxins. The body absorbs both the internal and external toxins and
circulates both to the liver. Along the way they can be deposited in the organs and tissues, which can cause
inflammation and lead to poor health.
Because fiber is a powerful ally in your battle against toxins—absorbing the toxins that come from the liver and
gallbladder to the gut (as well as cholesterol, estrogen and old red blood cells)—it is essential to get plenty of fiber
in your diet. Consuming a ratio of about 65% insoluble fiber to 35% soluble fiber is ideal, as it reflects the natural
balance found in whole foods. The best way to provide a balance of soluble and insoluble fiber is to eat a variety of
fiber-rich foods. Legumes and unrefined grains such as oats, brown rice and whole wheat are excellent sources
of mixed fibers. Among fruits, apples, avocados, oranges, bananas, grapefruit and berries provide the most fiber
per serving, and high-fiber vegetables include spinach, endive, broccoli, carrots and cauliflower.

Brenda Watson N.D., is among the foremost authorities in America today on natural digestive care and proper nutrition.
She is the president of ReNew Life Formulas and the founder of five natural healthcare clinics specializing in internal
cleansing, detoxification and free weight loss advice. A renowned lecturer, media presence and best-selling author,
her books include ReNew Your Life: Improved Digestion and Detoxification, and Gut Solutions: Natural Solutions to
Your Digestive Problems.