The Paranormal ( Paranormal Phenomenon/Phenomena)
Why "Paranormal?"
Paranormal means something ( unusual experiences, mysterious occurrences, abilities, sightings, objects, encounters, ..)
that is beyond the range of scientific explanation.
Paranormal Phenomena - Extraterrestrial life
Paranormal Phenomena - Unexplained disappearances.
Paranormal Phenomena - Appearance of the spirits of dead persons
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This is the Old Funeral Polar, where the Catholic Church preformed an Exorcism.
Its the most famous Haunted house in America. A Demonic Entity manifested itself to two teenage Boys living in
the basement bedrooms which were once a Embalming work station, which were converted into the boys bedroom.
"A Connecticut Haunting" is a two hour Documentary based on a True Story of a Connecticut Family living in a
renovated Funeral Polar. It's been dubbed "The Gateway to Hell"

The haunted house at 208 Meriden Ave, Southington, Connecticut, USA