The Paranormal ( Paranormal Phenomenon/Phenomena)
Why "Paranormal?"
Paranormal means something ( unusual experiences, mysterious occurrences, abilities, sightings, objects, encounters, ..)
that is beyond the range of scientific explanation.
Paranormal Phenomena - Extraterrestrial life
Paranormal Phenomena - Unexplained disappearances.
Paranormal Phenomena - Appearance of the spirits of dead persons
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Hampton, England, a village situated on the Thames, a few miles above Westminster Abbey. The village is noted as the seat
of Hampton Court, a royal residence built by Cardinal Wolsey for his own use, but subsequently presented to Henry VIII.
James I preferred this residence. Since the time of George II the king has ceased to reside there. The buildings are used for
various purposes. The chief glory of Hampton is a royal park of about 11 000 acres.

Images: Hampton Court in 1708. Hampton Court Palace main gate

Ghost of Hampton court, the 16 th century palace once home to King Henry VIII.The
ghostly figure in the long coat seen walking  through the doorway could be the best ghost
sighting ever according to Dr Richard Wiseman. Is the image a fake or a real ghost?? No
one knows.

Some other ghosts of Hampton court
Queen Jane Seymour gave birth to Prince Edward, the future King Edward VI at Hampton
Court in 1537. She died there twelve days later, and her ghost is said to haunt the staircase
in the Palace to this day. Queen Catherine Howard was arrested there in 1542 and is said to
have run along the Long Gallery screaming for King Henry VIII to save her, before his guards
caught her and dragged her away. A ghost is said to haunt the palace, sometimes
screaming in the same hallway. Others report seeing Anne Boleyn.