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Coast of Malta, a bomber of WW2

More about this bomber
The Bristol Blenheim Bomber is an RAF plane which ditched in the sea having been damaged by German aircraft
following a bombing mission. It is well preserved for a 66 year old wreck. It lies at a depth of 42m and so should
only be dived by suitably experienced divers. Remaining features include Both engines, wings, propellers and pilot
seat, most parts are still there but maybe unrecognizable. The rear of the fuselage was separated from the plane
on impact with the water and now lies just a a few metres away from the main wreckage. Fauna and flora include
sponges, crabs, lobsters and tube worms. Don't expect to see many fish, as the small area of wreck does not
make a good habitat for marine life Finding this wreck is difficult and you will need to use a dive boat and local
guide to get there. Please do not touch the wreck or remove anything from it. Plane wrecks are very rare and
usually very badly damaged so it very exciting to dive one in such a good state of preservation.

Images by Les Fraser