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The level of crime (petty crime and violent crime) in South Africa is extremely high and caution must be taken when
visiting this country.

Here are some precautions you should take when visiting South Africa:
Stay out of  filthy and dangerous areas such as Hillbrow, Yeoville, townships, etc.
Avoid wearing expensive jewellery in the streets .Take them off before going out;
Before leaving your room check that all valuable items are locked away in a safe place;
If you must carry cameras, cell phones (mobile phones) and other valuables, keep them close to you, don't leave
them unattended;
Never leave your  room door open. Keep it locked;
Beware of black syndicates at the Oliver Tambo Airport. Some visitors/tourists fall prey to these unscrupulous
Carrying large sums of money around is a no no. Carry travellers cheques instead;
Avoid walking in dimly light or dark alleyways, streets or buildings alone after dark;
Be careful when withdrawing money at ATM's;
Travel in groups rather than alone;
Always stay in touch with friends or trustworthy persons just in case you get lost. And never go out without telling
anyone about it;
Always know where you are going;
Public transport in South Africa is quite risky. For your own safety rather avoid it;
If you tour the country by car then remember to plan your route ahead so as to reduce the chance of getting lost;
When driving in cities or towns keep your car doors locked at all times and windows up. Beware of persons approaching
you at a robot.Keep valuable items such as cell phones out of reach;
Never trust anyone. There are a lot of people (criminals) around with shady agendas;
Beware of suspicious looking persons;
Have emergency phone numbers handy;
Public parking areas can be risky. A car is at risk of being stolen or broken into. Use secured parking areas;
Avoid leaving valuable items on display in cars;
Lock valuable items in the boot of the car;
At night, park in well-lit areas;
Never ever pick up strangers or hitch-hikers;
If in any doubt about the safety of an area, consult a tourist agency;
Always carry a map with you;
Keep your passport and other important documents in a safe place;