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Early experimental carbon arc light powered by a battery of liquid cells. The arc light, the first practical electric light, was used
for street and building lighting from the 1870s to the early 20th century, when it was replaced by the incandescent light. This is
a reproduction of the invention of the arc light by British chemist Humphrey Davy around 1808. Davy used a battery of 3000
liquid cells to produce a high voltage arc between carbon electrodes.

First known depiction of a parachute. The drawing (British Library Additional Manuscript 34,113, folio 200v.) comes from Italy
and is dated at the 1470s, thus slightly preceding Leonardo da Vinci's parachute designs. Author unknown.

The great inventor, Thomas A, Edison

Inventions of Edison
Phonogram invented May 18, 1880
Magnetic ore seperator invented June 1, 1880
Brake for electric motors, invented June 8, 1880
Electric lamps invented July 20, 1880
Addressing machine invented August 30, 1880
Electro-chemical recording telegraph invented August 31, 1880
Electric meter invented June 14, 1881
Telephone invented January 17 and May 9, 1882
Regulator for dynamo electric machine invented October 10, 1882
Relay for telegrams invented March 22, 1881
Electric railway invented March 6, 1883
Dynamo electric machine invented October 30, 1883
Chemical stock quotation telegraph invented March 17, 1885
Phonograph invented July 31, 1888
Arc lamp invented October 14, 1890
Magnetic separator invented June 17, 1892
Ore conveyor and arranger invented March 22, 1892
Trolly for electric railways invented June 1, 1892

Thomas Edison and his early phonograph circa 1877 (probably 18 April 1878) and The light bulb; patent application