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Torrevieja is located in the south-east of Spain,on the Costa Blanca. Its population is approximately 104,000, a number which does not include the regular influxes of tourists or those with second homes in the area. It covers an area of 1424.9 square kilometres and is adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea.

Torrevieja is a classical Spanish town in every
sense of the word but the levels of tourism have encouraged the growth of some very modern
venues in the form of clubs and restaurants.
During certain days of the week street markets
are open all over town, especially on the week-
ends, these range in size from two hundred and
fifty stalls all the way to huge thousand stall markets. They sell a wide variety of goods,
almost anything imaginable and a discerning customer can always find a good deal. The city
also contains several marinas, diving schools
and sailing groups who make full use of the beautiful Mediterranean waters. Boats, kayaks, diving gear and much more
are available to buy or rent out from companies based along the water front.

The beaches in Torrevieja are enough of a reason to visit the town without extra incentives like the amazing nightlife or
cultural excitement. There are four named beaches around Torrevieja which have a blue stamp of quality from the European Union. Although they can get busy during the prime tourist season this is only clear evidence of their natural beauty.

Culturally the city delivers on every level, containing music halls, theatres and several `salt related` exhibits and buildings.
One of the cities museum is called `The Museum of Sea and Salt` and celebrates the city`s history and growth into the flourishing town it is today because of the salt industry. In 1803 King Charles IV ordered a change in location of the salt
works from La Mata to where Torrevieja stands today initiating the expansion of the town. The town has more than fifty
cultural associations organising events so there is sure to be something going on nearly all the time.

In terms of nightlife there is enough to keep everyone from the biggest party animal to those who enjoy a quiet night out
amused until the early hours of the morning. Throughout the year there are hundreds of restaurants serving any kind of
food you could want, many of these restaurants serve local food which has a decidedly maritime theme with much of it
having been caught locally. As well as restaurants there are several large nightclubs which are more than enough to keep
most people content, however in the unlikely event of there not being enough party in Torrevieja, a short train ride to
Benidorm just up the coast will satiate any desires for dancing the night away. In the summer a train carries party-goers
back and forth all night between Torrevieja, Benidorm and all the resorts in between. Also in the summer months a festival-esque fairground sets up in the town with street performers, artists and much more providing entertainment during
the high season. Torrevieja also has its own thriving gay scene with several gay bars and a gay beach in addition to the
gay clubs and saunas found in nearby Alicante and Elche.

For those with children, Torrevieja has amply catered for your needs. As well as providing mini-golf and a fun-fair, a must
have for any good tourist resort, the waterfront also contains many attractions and stalls. The town, once again, goes
above and beyond expectations and has the Ozone Leisure Centre with eight cinemas, bowling and an arcade. For family
days out a trip to the `Naciones Garden` which contains a scale reproduction of Europe with a real sea in which local wild-
life live as well as an animal cage with iguanas and tortoises, is a must. Or you could visit `Lagunas de la Mata Natural
Park` which is a natural park surrounded by a salt lake containing an interpretation centre as well as several species of
local birds.

The area around Torrevieja is not only picturesque but it is alive. Therefore it is evident that not only is Torrevieja a good
holiday location but for those wishing to move away from the rainy weather of Britain Torrevieja is a good choice.