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If, in many ways, modern technology by way of mobile phones and the Internet has brought us closer together, then by the same token European travel has never seemed easier. With more regional airports, more travel companies and of course
more accessible car hire through more competitive rates, these top destinations are now much more than passing dreams. Let`s look at some.

Dublin, the capital city of the Republic of Ireland is a visitor`s delight as well as being a gateway to the rest of the `Emerald
Isle` itself. Dublin Airport is in the suburb of Swords just a few miles north of the city centre. Pick up a car here and head
into town. Stroll across the Halfpenny Bridge and savour the second hand bookshops, quaint boutiques and other outlets
that run along the quayside.

The people are warm and friendly, welcome you to their city.. and mean it.. and the nightlife reflects this with plenty to do
for all. And if this isn`t enough, drive out to the mountains and lakes or head for the west coast where the wild Atlantic
washes up against a beautiful, rugged landscape. Brimming with hospitality, beauty and a gentle charm, this is a country
that needs to be seen to be believed.


If a trip to the Mediterranean is on the radar, consider flying to Italy. Naples itself is the third largest city in the country and
with all the trimmings including airport car hire. The city is warm, it`s lively, it`s theatrical. It`s coffee on the piazza. It`s a
sea as blue as you could only imagine. There`s pizza as you could only imagine too and of course the ice cream. It just
has to be Neapolitan.

Take the Amalfi drive along the coast and take in Positano and Sorrento, just two of the towns and villages that accompany
this most spectacular of journeys. It`s as though you`ve never experienced fresh air before. Stop and watch the sun go
down and dream that life could always be this way.

Tenerife to many is the Canary Island and five million tourists a year can`t be wrong. It has so much to offer the regular holidaymaker but it is also an island waiting to be explored. Hire a car at the airport and see where it takes you.

Loro Park, Tenerife`s wildlife park which hosts the largest collection of parrots in the world and the biggest indoor display
of penguins found anywhere. It`s also a rocky, volcanic island and is home to Mount Teide which rises majestically to a
height of nearly 13,000 feet.

With all its diverse cultures, landscapes and climates, Europe can fulfil the holiday dreams of almost everybody and what better way to get around than by using compare car hire who will be only too pleased to be of service.