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Security Cameras Help Clean Up Neighborhoods

Most cities have always had their tougher neighborhoods where crime is more prevalent. These types of areas are notoriously difficult to clean up and police properly, often making them dangerous with criminal activity running high. This is the story of one
city that was actually able to clean up some of it's worst neighborhoods and how security cameras helped them do it.

In Newerk New Jersey, there are been some neighborhoods where crime has been running rampant for years. One housing complex had lines of cars backing up on to the street, while groups drug dealers would gather near the complex's entrance and
ply their wares like a drive-through fast food place. In another near by housing development drug dealers took over the courtyard, doing their business right in front of the intimidated residence. At a high rise development for seniors that's also in the area, drug addicts defecated in the corridors and prostitutes turned tricks in the stairways.

Then in 2007 the housing authority of Newerk began the installation of approximately seven hundred surveillance cameras so far, plus they have plans to add another one to two hundred more cameras to the system. These cameras are mounted in hallways,
on rooftops and on poles located through out the city, all of these are monitored at the housing authority's central office twenty
four hours a day, seven days a week.

Soon after the surveillance cameras were installed, they began to show positive results. In July, a group of people were caught in the act of viciously beating a man in the hallway of an apartment building by the cameras. The local police officers were impres-
sed with the quality of the video that was captured and arrested the entire group after they reviewed the footage that was recorded. There have also been other changes since the security cameras were installed, the local populace is no longer intimidated by the criminal elements in their neighborhoods. Children now walk and play in the area that had a line of cars waiting to buy drugs not
that long ago and people now feel safe enough to sit outside their homes without being harassed by drug dealers. The housing authority of Newerk doesn't keep track of crime statistics, but one official said that the number of safety complaints dropped from around two hundred per month to fewer then 20 in the same time span.

Newerk is not the only city to utilize this valuable tool for cleaning up our streets, the housing authorities of many other cities are following this example and enjoying similar results. With the crime rate rising all across our nation, it's a relief to finally have the means to fight back.

Author.John Schmon. He is an expert on video surveillance systems and security camera systems. Visit website.

Dummy (Fake) Security Cameras

Dummy security cameras are a low cost security solution. These cameras imitate popular camera companies and popular
models. Dummy security cameras are an excellent way to prevent theft. Dummy security cameras look real and there is no
need to store video images. Installations of dummy security cameras are relatively easy. The use of dummy cameras could
save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year.

There are many types of dummy security cameras such as fake dummy security cameras, dome security cameras, motorized motion detector fake security dummy cameras, imitation dummy dome cameras and eye toy cameras.

Fake security cameras help to prevent crime at your home, office or retail location with a flashing indicator light. It is the most realistic simulated video camera on the market. These theft-deterring video cameras are designed both for indoor or outdoor use.

Dummy dome cameras are one of the best dummy security systems. These dummy security cameras can be effectively used
in homes or businesses. These dome cameras provide security at a reasonable price. The dummy dome cameras have cables
and they have a connection to a control room where they show on screen whatever image they catch.

The motorized dummy dome cameras rotate side to side when they detect motion and the LED light comes on and flashes.
The motion of the cameras makes them appear to work as actual security cameras. The added flashing LED and wire make
them seem very realistic. These cameras can be easily mounted and aimed due to their adjustable bracket. No wiring or installation is required. The flashing LED light acts as a deterrent. This is a great visual deterrent to shoplifting, theft and damage.
It is perfect for any domestic or commercial use such as an office, retail space, business or home.

Author. Damian Sofsian
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