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How Do You Become a Cheerleader
If you've been dreaming of becoming a cheerleader for years, but simply aren't sure where to begin, you've come to
the right place. Unfortunately, many would be cheerleaders simply wait to late to begin preparing for their chance to
become cheerleaders. In most cases, they wait until a few weeks before the tryouts to make the final decision and
really start preparing. This is way too late. Now, that doesn't necessarily mean that just because you enroll in gymnastics
classes at the age of four that you're guaranteed a place on your school's squad a few years down the road. It does mean;
however that you need to take a practical approach to becoming prepared to try out for cheerleader.
One of the most important things to keep in mind is that a cheerleader is more than a pretty face that dresses up in a
cute uniform and waves pom poms in front of the crowd; jumping and cheering. First and foremost, you are a role model.
Therefore, you need to begin preparing for that role very early on. Work at your schoolwork with dedication, make good
grades and maintain a good reputation.
You also need to begin preparing to become a cheerleader by learning as much as you can. Numerous cheer camps are
offered across the nation; most beginning for girls as young as three or four. While these little mini-day camps are really
geared more for fun than actual preparation; they do make a good point. It's important to educate yourself as much as
possible about the basic motions, stunts, cheers and jumps. If at all possible, you should also consider enrolling in
some kind of dance class or gymnastics class. Many cheers today incorporate both dance and gymnastics moves.
One move that many prospective cheerleaders fail to think about is educating themselves about the games they will be
cheering at. Stop and ask yourself how you're going to know what to do and when to do it if you don't know what's
happening on the field or the court? The last thing you want to do is execute an inappropriate cheer at the wrong moment.
Learn the difference between defense and offense and take the time to learn the rules of the game.
Also, don't overlook taking care of yourself physically. Get plenty of exercise and rest and be sure to develop healthy
eating habits early on. It's important to make sure you drink plenty of water. This will help you skin to look great, keep
your body toned and prevent dehydration. Cheerleaders spend a lot of time on the go-a bag of chips and soda pop
might be convenient but it won't help you to maintain the sustained energy you need to keep the crowds pepped up.
Finally, there's nothing better than personal experience so one of the best ways you can work on becoming a
cheerleader is by talking to cheerleaders. Ask them what it's really like to be a cheerleader and what they did to
prepare themselves for a role on the squad.
How Do You Become a Cheerleader c2005 Conrad Askland
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