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Basic Cheerleader Motions
Most young girls, and even some guys, give serious thought to trying out for cheerleader one day. One of the best
ways to begin practicing for a future in cheerleading is by understanding and practicing the basic cheerleader moves
and motions. Take a look below and get practicing!
The first position that you should familiarize yourself with is the Ready Position. This position is made by standing with
your hands behind your back, and feed placed shoulder width apart.
The Lung Position begins by bending the left leg at a 90 degree angle with the right leg completely straight. You
should face your body and right knee forward.
One of the most well known and popular cheerleading positions is known as the High V. This position is created
with the arms placed at a 45 degree angle to the body. Ideally you'll be holding a pair of pom poms high in the air.
From the High V you can also form the Low V. This position is very similar to the High V; expect that your arms are
placed downward.
Other popular cheerleading motions include the T and the Broken T. The T motion has your arms at a 90 degree angle
to the body; while your arms are bend with the Broken T.
From basic cheerleading motions, you can also move on to stunts. Crowds always love stunts and as you become more
experienced and proficient you can gradually begin to perform more complex stunts to get the crowd even more excited.
Before you get started performing any stunts, it's important to make sure that your wrists, arms and legs are as strong
as they can be. Upside down push-ups, lunges and lifting light hand weights are great ways to get these areas in shape.
When first getting started, remember to take it slow and easy. Repetitions of 10 should be enough.
While the more complex stunts are popular and you'll no doubt want to try them at some point, it's important to get
started with the simpler stunts. One of the easiest stunts to learn is called the shoulder sit. This is a very basic stunt
and easy to learn; but keep in mind that you'll need someone to help you practice.
Begin by having one of you do a very deep base, with the right leg bent to a 90 degree angle and the left leg straight.
The other person then places their right foot on the left leg of the other person. For this to work accurately, your foot
should be placed as close to the other's person's hip as possible.
Next, put all your weight on the other person's right leg. Push on your helper's shoulders to boost yourself up and swing
your left leg over their left shoulder and right leg over the right shoulder. As the other person stands up this completes the
shoulder sit stunt.
Basic Cheerleader Motions c2005 Conrad Askland