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The first island that comes to mind is Cocos situated about 300 miles South West of Costa Rica.This island discovered
by Spanish navigator Johan Cabezas in the 1500's is legendary for it's  treasures - booty taken from captured ships.
During the17th and 18th centuries Cocos served as a hiding place for pirates "secreting priceless artifacts and tons of
gold bullion in its inaccessible hillsides. If the legends are to be believed, many of these pirates died from disease,
battles, or excecution before they could ever return to the island to claim their loot, and it remains there to this day,
hidden in natural caves or long-forgotten trenches. One estimate puts the accumulated treasure, if it is indeed all still
there, at over $1 billion," says;Peter Tyson in his article Legends and Lore.
In the 1700's Captain Edward Davis buried his treasures somewhere on this island. Followed by Benito Bonito, William
Thompson and Captain Bennett Graham in the 1800's.
The Caribbean and other places
Pirates buried some of their booty on Caribbean Islands as well as along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America.
" In the Indian Ocean, Mauritius as far as  the Seychelles were infested by pirates caching their booty in many places
among the scattering of islands." Roy Norvill. The Treasure Seekers Treasury.

The Caribbean
The region consisting of the Caribbean Sea, its islands and the surrounding coasts is
located southeast of Northern America, east of Central America, and to the north and west of South America.
Wellknown Caribbean Islands:
Puerto Rico
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent
Caribbean Indigenous tribes
Two of the tribes known to Columbus
and other Europeans ( 15th century - ) were the Taino and the dominant Caribs.
The name Caribbean is derived from the

Mahé in the Seychelles
It's believed Le Vasseur buried part of his booty, taken from the captured Portuguese ship Vierge Du Cap, on this island.
Bel Ombré, a beach on Mahé, was very much linked with piracy.
Is this the island where Butin ( Bernadin Nageon  L' Estang) buried his treasure or the treasure of Le Vasseur?
Butin lived on this island.
Gardiners Island
Captain William Kidd buried his treasure ( or just part of it? ) on this island off the east coast of Long Island.