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June 27, 1926. America's first European-type automobile was formally introduced to the Wisconsin market. It was the Overland
Whippet - a low, light motor car. It was a four cylinder automobile that delivered from 28 - 30 miles on a gallon of feul. It could
carry the sedan in excess of 55miles an hour and accelerated from 5 to 25 miles an hour in 10 seconds.

Whippet Sedan and the Whippet Coupe.

The first bulletproof vest on the world made by the Polish inventor Jan Szczepanik. On the photo - the first (and success) test
of the invention (1901) done by Mr. Borzykowski (a director of Szczepanic's study in Wien, standing on the left) on Jan (a ser-
vant, standing on the right). The shot done with 7 mm revolver, from 3 steps.

The Invention of the Machine Gun
Hiram Maxim sits with the first portable, fully automatic machine gun, which he invented, and a Dundonald gun carriage. Pre

First black nurse in South Africa
Cecilia Makiwane qualified as Africa's first registered black nurse in 1908. She was born in 1880 and died in 1919 at the age of

First black Miss America contestant
Miss Iowa 1970, Cheryl Adrienne Browne became the first African American to compete for the title of Miss America in Atlantic
City. Her father was from the West Indies and her mother was half-American Indian.

First and only black female in the US navy
1981. Brenda Robinson held the distinction of being the first and only black female in the US navy. She joined the navy in
November 1978 and began aviation officer candidate school in Florida shortly thereafter.

First black Miss USA
1990. 20 Year old Miss Michigan, Carole Gist, was the first black Miss USA. The first runner up was Miss South Carolina,
Gina Tolleson and the second runner up Miss New Jersey, Karin Hartz.

First woman to sit in the United Nations' Security Councel
46 Year old former school teacher born in the Northern Guinea city of Kankan, Mrs. Jeanne Martin Cisse had the honour of being
the first woman in the history of the United Nations to sit in its Security Councel. (1972)