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WARRENSVILLE. III.. Feb. I.— Stories that ghosts haunt the little schoolhouse here in which Sylvester Adams shot and killed Miss Edith Smith, the teacher, and committed suicide last month have so frightened the pupils that they dread to attend ses-
sions in it. The building will he razed and a new one built. San Francisco Call, Volume 111, Number 64, 2 February 1912

Revolvers Entirely Unnecessary, Say Their Victims DENVER, Dec. 15.—Denver highwaymen have changed the accepted
order of things. Early today two footpads, attired in winding sheets and with whife sacks over their heads, perpetrated two
holdups here. Two men who claimed to have been robbed by these ghostly appearing robbers reported to the police, and
each victim declared that the revolvers the robbers carried were really unnecessary, as their masquerade costumes were
enough to sufficiently frighten them into giving up their valuables.

Perhaps It Is Anne Boleyn in Search of Henry VIII.
The ghosts at Hampton Court Palace still are said to frighten the inhabitants and officials of the place, and even visitors, it is declared, are not exempt, several of them having terminated their visits abruptly owing to the noises they have heard. A resi-
dent in the palace sends an account of an apparition seen by an attendant in the gardens, who was sitting on a bench waiting
for the inspector to pass on his rounds at night, when suddenly he felt a hand laid upon his face, and looking up saw a tall, pale lady, dressed in gray. He sprang up at once, but she vanished before his eyes, and the shock caused by the apparition was so great that he had to resign his post. He became so nervous that he was absolutely afraid to remain in the gardens at night. Nor
are the ghosts confined to the gardens, for a few nights ago two of the maid servants, fancying they smell something burning,
went down one of the staircases in the middle of the night and met a tall, pale lady with "a reflected light on her face, and dres-
sed in black. She, too, vanished through one of the Queen's gates, though the door itself was shut, and no footsteps could be heard. Other servants in the palace have been visited by these royal ghosts. One servant declares that she felt something come and touch her face in the darkness when she was asleep in bed, and another maid sleeping in the next room called out to her
as she heard footsteps moving about. Several visitors to the palace have noticed extraordinary noises in a particular room,
and only a few mouths ago two ladies were standing talking near this room at about 11:30 one night when they heard a loud
crash and saw a brilliant light flash through the room, a sight which they could not account for in any way. The informant is
positive that no practical joker is the author of the disturbances, as has been suggested in some quarters. San Francisco
Call, Volume 75, Number 4, 4 December 1893